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Content Marketing that Aligns with Your Vision

You built a brand with purpose. Now you need a wordsmith to tell the story. You’re not looking for marketing fluff. You want someone who can translate your vision in your own words (with fewer run-on sentences) wink. Meaningful, action-driven content is what you seek.

Looking for something else:

No problem, we’re flexible. Let’s talk about what you need, and write it into existence.


Content writing

Do you have a marketing guru on your team that needs help? Are you just starting to build your content strategy? Flow Content’s experienced team of writers can fill the void, crafting honest, compelling, and SEO optimized stories for your brand.

  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Web copy
  • Newsletters


Flow Content provides in-depth guidance to accelerate your organic growth. We’ll deep-dive into your brand identity, your goals, and your competitors to deliver custom content that connects to your audience.

  • Keyword reports
  • Content calendars
  • Brand messaging guidelines

Social & Email

We’ll amplify your messaging by handling all the content, creatives, and scheduling through your social media and email marketing platforms.

  • Planning
  • Graphics
  • Content
  • Scheduling
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If your business is
then we can help you grow your brand and become a thought leader in your industry.


Authentic Content Cultivates Connection

Traditionally, brands and individual startups practice the art of trying to yell louder than the competition in order to appeal to their audience, but there's a problem with this approach.


Loud Marketing

Impactful Marketing

Focus on volume

Focus on quality

Reach more people

Reach the right people

Broad brand messaging

Mission-driven storytelling

Drowns in a sea of noise

Adds value to people’s lives


Building Your Brand Legacy

You built a brand to make a difference in the world. Your audience supports you because they feel the connection between your products and services, and your mission. We strengthen that connection by sharing your message in a way that intermingles action and emotions to spark conversations.


Build Authenticity

Your brand is already mission-driven. We simply put the proverbial pen to paper so your audience can see your devotion. Purposeful messaging triggers interaction, engagement, and viral sharing.


Build Authority

Harnessing content to build authority isn’t just about getting clicks to your website. It’s about giving people a reason to stay and explore what you have to offer. We create content that positions you as experts in your field and naturally inspires trust. We’ll make sure search engines rank you, and people love you.


Build Your Brand

Names and logos don’t make brands. Inspiring causes matched with worthy products or services do. You already have a purpose. Let us put it in words, motivating people to click, share, purchase, and engage with your brand for years to come.

Why Flow Content?

Our years of developing content across diverse industries means we’re comfortable talking about almost anything. Still, our favorite topics include hemp, cannabis, psychedelics, and holistic wellness. Our experience means we’ve garnered extensive insights to back up our winning strategies. At the same time, we know every business is different. That’s why we’ll delve into your brand, your audience, and your goals to determine the most effective voice, tone, and strategy.

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"I have been happily working with Elena on content strategy for almost two years. It's been an absolute pleasure, and so much fun as we have built out an entire SEO content strategy in an industry that is highly competitive. She's not only a great writer, but also an inquisitive mind, and always interested in learning more. Together we brainstorm, plan a strategy, and execute. Elena has always done an impeccable job of staying on deadline and on point with a unique narrative. From ghost blogging to bylines for major magazines to short-form engaging copy on social media, it's always a delight to work with Elena on any content needs,"

Masha Bellinson, Corporate Development, ACS Laboratory.

"The hemp space is a highly competitive market. Elena has been essential in the growth of SEO for our business. She is knowledgeable in the hemp wellness industry and suggests blog topics that fit our brand with the latest search trends."

Michael Vanacoro, Founder, Medical Mike's

"Working with Flow Content has been a game-changer for our agency and clients. Elena's proactive approach and professional copywriting skills have not only elevated the quality and engagement of the content we collaboratively produce for clients but have also reduced the amount of time we typically spend working with contractors. Trust equates to improved efficiency,"

David Haut, Chief Marketing Officer, Simply180.

"Elena always commits to a project and finds opportunities for improvement. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Elena always delivers. Her superior organizational skills and knowledge of website development, social media, and brand marketing make her the consummate multi-tasker. I fully endorse Elena’s work."

Toni Negas, Managing Editor, New You Media

"Elena is an incredibly detail-oriented branding and content manager for both offline and online activities, including PR. I learned a significant amount from her regarding product branding, packaging design & copy, market research, and product launch processes. Her work ethic, leadership skills, and general branding and content knowledge are all her most outstanding qualities. Elena gets my highest recommendation and respect for a job well done, always."

Kat Alderman, UX Engineer.

"Working with Flow Content has completely transformed my business! Elena updates my website, email marketing, and flyers to keep my business constantly generating revenue. Investing in marketing with Flow Content has paid back tenfolds. Elena is creative, prompt in her responses, solution-oriented, and has great attention to detail. I highly recommend her services!"

Amanda White, Founder and Chief Operator, Flowyo

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Working with Flow Content

We are a relationship-driven agency. That means we take the time to get to know you, your audience, and the passion that drives your business forward. By connecting with you first, we develop meaningful content that makes people want to learn more.


1.Meet and Greet

Before we accept a partnership, we always do a meet & greet, just to make sure we’re a perfect fit for each other.

Define and Outline2.

Next we dig into your goals as a business, brand, and vessel of good to truly understand your cause. This relationship-building process ensures we can embody your voice while developing a winning strategy.


Next we create a plan that suits your budget, goals, and brand mission to ensure we are capitalizing on the best targets when developing your calendars publishing schedule, and media assets.


Once we outline your strategy, we get to work, researching and crafting content that organically drives people to action. We’ll develop your media assets like blogs, web pages, emails, and social media posts in your authentic voice.

5.Optimize For 1st Place

We build content that resonates with people–AND Google. That means we SEO every piece of content and craft stories on trending topics before your competitors. This winning combination helps you rank at the top of search engine results.

Revisit and Revamp6.

Everything in life is fluid–including your content strategy. We’ll revisit your brand and business goals often to ensure we’re aligned on how to grow your audience.


Why Does Content Matter?

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Intent-based Content That Builds Authenticity

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Case Studies

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Elena Schmidt

About the Founder

Coming from a background in journalism, Elena Schmidt, founder, and chief wordsmith has earned a reputation by forming relationships, writing thoughtful, research-driven stories, and never missing deadlines.

She created Flow Content to do what she does best for brands she loves. Flow Content is driven to help businesses, and the people who built them, tap into their purpose, communicate it with ease, and form authentic customer bonds.


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